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Maximum Dedicated Bandwidths:

13.21 Gbps
10 Gbps
4.976 Gbps
2.488 Gbps
 OC-48, STS-48
1.866 Gbps
1.244 Gbps
933.12 Mbps
622.08 Mbps
 OC-12, STS-12
456.56 Mbps
155.52 Mbps
 OC-3, STS-3, Category 5 Cable, High- Speed ADSL  Downstream
100 Mbps
 CDDI, FDDI, Fash Ethernet
51.84 Mbps
 OC-1, STS-1
44.736 Mbps
 T-3, DS-3 North America
34.368 Mbps
 E-3 Europe
20 Mbps
 Category 4 Cable
16 Mbps
 Token Ring LANs
10 Mbps
 Thin Ethernet, Category 3 Cable, Cable  Modem
8.448 Mbps
 E-2 Europe
6.312 Mbps
 T-2, DS-2 North America
6.144 Mbps
 Standard ADSL downstream
3.152 Mbps
2.048 Mbps
 E-1, DS-1 Europe
1.544 Mbps
 T-1, DS-1 North America
128 Kbps
64 Kbps
 DS-0, Pulse Code Modulation
56 Kbps
 56flex, US Robotics x2 Modems, V.90  Standard
33.6 Kbps
 56flex, x2 Modem Communications Rate
28.8 Kbps
 V.34, Rockwell V.Fast Class modems
20 Kbps
 Level 1 Cable, Minimum Cable Data  Speed
14.4 Kbps
 V.32bis Modem, V.17 Fax
9600 bps
 Modem Speed Circa 1980s
2400 bps
 Modem Speed Circa 1980s

Units Of Mesaurement

bit smallest unit of digital information (i.e. ones & zeros)
nibble a set of 4 bits
byte a set of 8 bits
bps bits per second
Kbps Kilobits per second (1,000 - one thousand)
Mbps Megabits per second (1,000,000 - one million)
Gbps Gigabits per second (1,000,000,000 - one billion)
Tbps Terabits per second (1,000,000,000,000 - one trillion)



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