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Here are some SSI tags in case you are interested. Click here to return to the previous page.

Variable... What is does... Variable in action...
AUTH_TYPE client authorization method if any (none) 
CONTENT_LENGTH size of input posted from client (none) 
CONTENT_TYPE MIME type of content (none) 
DATE_LOCAL The current GMT (greenwich, UK) can be formatted using #config Monday, 19-Feb-2018 09:42:17 UTC 
DATE_LOCAL current time/date, can be formatted using #config Monday, 19-Feb-2018 09:42:17 UTC 
DOCUMENT_NAME document name that was requested ssi2.htm 
DOCUMENT_URI URL of the document /ssi2.htm 
LAST_MODIFIED document modified date, can be formatted using #config Friday, 11-Mar-2011 21:01:59 UTC 
PAGE_COUNT number of accesses to current document since server was brought on line (none) 
HTTP_REFERER URL of the document the client came from (click here to go back) (none)
REMOTE_ADDR Numeric IP address of the client 
REMOTE_HOST domain name of the client (DNS option must be active on server) (none) 
REMOTE_USER ID of user, rarely ever found (none) 
SERVER_NAME server hostname 
SERVER_PORT the port used by httpd (usually 80) 80 
SERVER_PROTOCOL Which version of Httpd compliance HTTP/1.0 
SERVER_SOFTWARE The name of the server software, i.e., apache 1.2.5 Apache/2.4.25 (FreeBSD) OpenSSL/0.9.8za-freebsd PHP/5.6.30 
TOTAL_HITS total pages served by server since brought on line (none) 



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